I began my photographic journey a little over five years ago – a path I wish I had taken long ago. For me photography is about discovery, providing a window not only into the soul of my subjects, but into my own. How I experience the world and how I express my human connection are the lessons I’ve learned as I view the world through a lens. The process has been revealing, emotional, and at times overwhelming.

My love for people quickly became my motivation as a photographer; and though I am serious about my work, I have a causal approach to the way I shoot. Most of my images are shot with available light and with a minimal amount of equipment. This style of shooting is a perfect fit for my love of street photography and on portrait assignments it seems to keep my subjects more relaxed and authentic.

Photography has allowed me a more intimate and engaged sensibility about the world. I've heard many references to photography being a “voyeuristic pursuit”; but for me it's the exact opposite. Photography forces me to enter the stage and demands that I participate.

Los Angeles, CA

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